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Behemoth Blade Close-Up
When it comes to the Infamous World Eater Blade, the most deadly blade in the entire game (attack power wise), it can be merely just luck if you get it, because you could get it anywhere from a crab on Isla Tormenta, to a lvl 47 Traitor Ghost on Raven's Cove. Server is not the key here, it is just location. You could find it on Abassa or Cortevos. On Raven's Cove at the Southernmost Idol is where most pirates have found theirs. A man named Blackbeard found his in a Loot Chest, with a screenshot to prove it. It can be found on the Pirates Online Wiki.

  • Attack: 105 (highest in-game)
  • Abilities: Freeze Sweep Rank 3, Drains Health Rank 3, Drains Voodoo Rank 3
  • Level Required: 30 Sword
  • Resale Value: 633 Gold
  • Cost: Can only be found in loot on Raven's Cove or Isla Tormenta.
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