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Whalebone Blade is a powerful deadly Famed Cursed Blade, and as the name implies, it is very likely made out of whalebone. This potent and lethal blade can freeze enemies in their places to either flee from an enemy a bit too powerful, or deal that killing blow uninterrupted. It has a powerful boost to the Endurance Skill (+3), resulting in a large increase in health, and a helpful boost to the Parry Skill, allowing its lucky wielder to evade a bigger percentage of attacks. The Whalebone Blade can be very popular in PvP because of it's Cursed Ice ability, the Parry boost of 3, and the extra health from the Endurance boost of 3.

  • Attack: 83
  • Abilities: Cursed Ice (3), Parry Boost (3), Endurance Boost (3)
  • Level Required: 29 Sword
  • Resale Value: 348 Gold
  • Cost: Can only be found in loot on Isla Tormenta or Raven's Cove.

    Credit to the POTCO Wiki.

  • Famed Cutlass, Cursed

Game Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Whalebone Blade can be difficult to find, but would be best to find on Raven's Cove, at the group of four ghosts at the South Idol. The most Famed and Legendary Cursed blades have come from there. However, you may want to try your luck somewhere else such as the Kelpbrain Hall, Group of Three Seabeards, or the Gold Room (on Isla Tormenta). But you may find some just wondering around El Patron's Mines (I found mine from a Mutineer Ghost with one hit left after I used Cursed Thunder).
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