Wait, What!?

Hello everyone, today I am proud to announce that me, and Jarod are going to advertise our wiki on one of the most active wikis, which is the Pirates Online Players Wiki, as we are revamping the place, we hope you can help us contribute our wiki and spruce the place up; for we will be getting a few more new users; please remember, our rules have not changed. Although we may be updating our methods due to a possible larger community.

Have there been some changes while I was gone?

No, currently we have been an inactive wiki, recentley I have made a page for the weapon Dread Spike. I was also promoted to a bur. to help out more; if you show us how you feel about looting on Pirates Online, please make a page! I insist!

What's In It for Me?

You will be able to re-experience our fun times as a community and sharing our looting information if you were here before we died out. If you are a new member here who are coming from the Players wiki or another wiki, you will be able to expand your/our information on looting. We have many pages, we hope to contribute with you.

I have a Question. . .

If you have any questions about our wiki, please contact any of our staff; but you can contact me if you want to be responded to as soon as possible, I am one of the most active in our re-vamping project!


I hope you can enjoy our revamp of the POTCO Looting Wiki, if you are coming from a new wiki, you will be able to experience our vast knowledge. Thanks for reading! Fair Winds!


Pencil- (talk)