Tyrant Blade
The Tyrant Blade is an incredibly powerful Famed Cursed Broadsword, that can be found in Ravens Cove or Isla Tormenta. This instrument of torture and mass destruction can drain your enemies' health while attacking with its unique Drain Health Skill, on a powerful Rank 2. It is one of very few swords with the Ability, including the deadly World Eater Blade, and the deadly Dark Mutineer. This lethal blade can freeze your enemies in place with the Cursed Ice Skill on a deadly rank 3. It also has a Boost to the Brawl Skill, allowing you to distract your enemy for a bit to either flee or finish them off.
  • Attack: 91
  • Abilities: Cursed Ice (Rank 3), Drain Health (Rank 3), Parry Boost (+2)
  • Level: 28 Sword
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