Sword Master's Sabre

The info card for Sword Master's Sabre.

The Sword Master's Sabre is a famed sabre with an arrensal of boosts. It is a great sabre for a swashbuckler.
  • Attack: 53
  • Abilites: Skewer (3), Parry Boost (+3), Endurance Boost (+2)
  • Cost: Can only be found in loot.
  • Resale: 438G
  • Member of Sword Master's Series

Looting TipEdit

Note that Pencil Boy found his at Darkheart 12/1/11 about 7:30-7:50 Central Time at Darkheart on Abassa, he was only with another 4 other pirates. Try looting at Darkheart fort his awesome blade of might!

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