Silver Freeze, formerly named, Mercer's Blades, are an immensely powerful set of mystical Legendary Throwing Knives. These all-powerful knives are the only weapon with the Silver Freeze Skill (hence the name "Silver Freeze"), allowing you to attack your enemies with an array of icy daggers, freezing them temporarily. These powerful knives require a master of the dagger to use these mighty knives. They have become much more common since the addition of Foulberto Smasho, who actually drops them very commonly. (See his page.) For this purpose, many people have found one or even multiple sets of these greatful knives. A powerful boost of +3 to the Blade Instinct Skill result in a massive increase in damage. These mighty knives are the 3rd most powerful Throwing Knives in-game, with an attack of 62. Knives of the Golden Idol holds 2nd while Dagger of the Dark Idol Holds 1st.

Note: The Legendary Silver Freeze is one of the daggers that once belonged to Abu Nar Clan, Abu Nar's most skillful assassin. It's said the infamous dagger has the power to freeze its victims leaving the dagger's owner to carry out his mission without any interruptions. Rumor also has it that the dagger is controlled by a powerful gypsy curse but only those who wield this Legendary Dagger can testify to its powers.

  • Attack: 62
  • Abilities: Silver Freeze Rank 3, Blade Instinct Boost +3

    Silver Freeze - In Action and Stats

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  • Class: Legendary Throwing Knives, non-Cursed
  • Level Required: Dagger 30, Mastered
  • Resale Value: 266 Gold
  • Cost: Can only be found in Loot.

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