There are many different ways to loot but I made this to help you loot bosses. All three use knives.Edit

Throwing Knives BossesEdit

Foulberto SmashoEdit

Foulberto Smasho is the strongest of all bosses, which only drops Throwing knives.

  • Glitches The smasho glitch, you need aleast two people to do this gitch, and takes about five to ten minutes.
  • Voodoo Reflect

Neban The SilentEdit

Neban is one of the strongest bosses there is, its hard for even a level 35 to kill him.

  • Drain health, as its name implies it drains your enemies health and increases yours. You can relay on just one weapon, make sure you have a voodoo handy if a fight use a dagger or knife from the idol series, and attack as much as you can then when your health is low switch to doll and use drain health to have full health again. (this doesn't always work)

General Dark HartEdit

General Dark Hart may be last but not least hem is a strong and powerful boss with daggers and a sword, being one of then most kill bosses everyday.

Daggers to useEdit

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