This is the rules page, please feel free to add rules, be sure you get permission from an admin or the founder first! :

1. No spammers or anything inappropriate (meanness will result in immediate banning).

2. No vandalism.

3. No arguing. Debating something is allowed, but any intense, inappropriate, or meanness will be banned if necessary.

4. Don't make a useless page.

5. Always be thoughtful and considerate of ALL other users.

6. Do NOT curse, people of all ages visit this wiki.
Go To Jail Monopoly

This is what happens to bad contributers. :3

7. No adult content will be allowed, any found will be deleted on discovery.

8. DO NOT ADVERTISE ANY OTHER SITES. You must ask SecondJamie if you wish to.

9. Do NOT commit plaigirism (Copy and paste without credit / Passing off as your own) This is a serious offense and is illegal, any plaigirism found may result in termination.

10. Please don't spam the chat. If an admin finds you'll be banned from the chat.

This is a fun wiki, seriously! But you need to follow these rules. Failure to follow rules will result in a ban, the ban length may vary, if serious enough contributer will be terminated from this Wiki. 'We' trust you admins to follow these rules & inforce them.