This is a guide to help you find Famed Cursed.

1: Server

Wherever you choose to loot, the server choice is very important. Some people think that the best servers are Ideal servers such as Abassa, Andaba, or others where there is a lot of people. That is not true. The crowded servers not only probably won't have as good loot because there are people there, but it is rumored that every server has a certain number of Famed, Cursed, and Legendary every day. If this rumor is true, then on crowded servers people probably have taken most, if not all of them. Quiet servers are ideal because nobody is there, which has a great chance of giving you better loot.

2: Island

The Island choice is much less important then server choice. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere, has at least one famed weapon. People have been known to find famed off of Undead Gravediggers, and Legendary in places like Fort Charles. But, places with higher level enemies like Isla Tormenta, have a MUCH better chance of dropping good loot. Some common places of looting are Isla Tormenta, El Patron's Mine, General Darkhart (Which in my opinion is a complete ripoff because he VERY seldom drops famed), and Foulberto Smasho.

3: Timing

It is rumored also that servers restock their supply of good weapons at 12 AM Pacific Time, so some people loot very early. If you are not getting a Loot Skull Chest within about 15-17 kills, then you should either switch locations or server hop. If you are only getting pouches, then server hop.

4: Weapons to Use While Looting

Broadsword: When looting in groups, this is much easier.

Blunderbuss: Useful in fighting large groups, very strong.

Knives: Useful when looting because of it's fast combo and great abilities.

Weapons NOT to Use While Looting

Staff: It's very powerful so it drains loot. It also will create lag which some fellow looters will be forced to log off because of.

Grenade: Very powerful, gives less reputation and it drains loot

Doll: Terrible weapon to use due to the ridiculous attunement range, don't loot with this unless you're training.

If you find any Famed or Cursed or Legendary on account of this guide then post it in the comments please, Thanks!

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