Isla Tormenta is by far one of the most frightening Islands in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Home to Jones' own crew, this is definitely a place that could make the most fearless of buccaneers scream. Along with voracious, vicious Cursed Crabs controlled by Jolly Roger, Jones' crew wreaks havoc here, attacking everyone in sight, without a second thought. Many low level pirates consider this horrifying monstrous place to be, "A good place to rep steal, but we die so much." Many a pirate is too afraid to even enter the wretched place. And most mates don't blame them: they have amazing skills in weaponry and can take down an unwary swashbuckler in one blow. Along with the mysterious and mystical Raven's Cove, this island is the only home to Cursed Items.

Isla TormentaEdit

Isla Tormenta is haunted with countless members of Davy Jones' terrorizing Crew striking fear in the hearts of lower level Pirates It is where most players find their Cursed Blades, though it is about even with Raven's Cove, and it is usually a place for higher levels to level up or loot, having you can usually find a spot to loot alone.


There is not yet a boss, unfortunately. Isla Tormenta is filled with:

  • Devourer Crabs lvl 17-21
  • Dregs lvl 24-31
  • Spineskulls lvl 28-35
  • Flotsams lvl 28-35
  • Brinescums lvl 33-40
  • Kelpbrains lvl 33-40
  • Molusks lvl 39-45
  • Seabeards lvl 39-45
  • Urchinfists lvl 41-50
  • Thrall Captains lvl 41-50

Popular PlacesEdit

Some very popular places known to players are:

  • Gold Room
  • Thrall Room
  • Kelpbrain Corner
  • Brinescum Alley
  • Group of Three (Seabeards or Molusks)
  • Urchinfist Corner