Cursed blades are the sharpest blades in the carribean. Heres a guide to show you how to get them:

Where To LootEdit

There are many places to loot for weapons but only a couple for Cursed Weapons. Those two (2) places are Raven's Cove and Isla Tormenta.

Ravens CoveEdit

At Ravens Cove, there are not many enemys compared to the other islands. It is fast to get to though, so most players go there. The only place that is good is at the South Idol.

How To Get KillsEdit

The key to loot is kills. The more kills you get, the more loot. The best way to get kills is by using Siege Charge. Aiming it correctly can let you kill all 4 ghost using Siege. Since Siege Charge only

Screenshot 2011-12-07 19-46-25

Killing all the ghost in one hit.

has a max of 40 ammo, you can run out fast. A makshift is Viper Nest and Blunder. Go to the right side of the Idol with a dagger or knives. Use Viper Nest then quickly switch to blunder. Get all emenys in sight, take aim, FIRE! All the ghosts are dead. Now open loot.

Screenshot 2011-12-07 19-50-38

Using Viper

Screenshot 2011-12-07 19-50-53

SHOOT! Their all dead.

Running Between TratiorsEdit

At this part of the Mines their are the 2 highest levels. The higher levels give better loot. So it is a good place to loot at. Using a blunderbuss is good to do a one hit kill. They have given many cursed to me.
This Part

Where they are.

Isla TormentaEdit