The Grenade is the fourth weapon quest you take. You can throw these to cause damage, It gives little reputation for being so powerful. There are 5 (Five) Ammo types. Normal, Stink Pot, Fire, Smoke and Siege Charge, Siege Charge
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is said to be the best for killing groups. If throwing grenades too close, you will damage yourself, also a tip. Don't throw Smoke Bombs at close range, you will blind the group causing it hard to attack.
  • Rarity: Common
  • Abilities: None
  • Cost: Quest Only (Can be bought back in store)
  • Resale Value: 1
  • Adds 8HP per level.

Looting Tips

This is a TERRIBLE weapon to loot with because it's so powerful, do NOT loot with this unless you're trying to level up your grenades or aren't concerned about loot.