Fullmoon Special Blunderbuss

Fullmoom Special Blunderbuss

The Fullmoon Special Blunderbuss is one of the most powerful famed weapons, being the strongest of all famed guns. It has Hex Ward, infitie Silver Shot, and Eagle Eye Boost. The Fullmoon Special Blunderbuss had the highest attack power in the game before the Cursed Blade update came out. This Blunderbuss requires an almost mastered level of skill to use. Finding this weapon is very difficult.

  • Attack: 88
  • Barrels: 1
  • Range: Short
  • Abilities: Hex Ward (3), Infinite Silver Shot (1), Eagle Eye (+3)

    Credit to POTCO Wiki.

  • Level: Gun 29
  • Resale Value: 266 Gold
  • Cost: Can only be found in loot.