Foulberto Smasho is an extremely treacherous and deadly Devious Ghost Boss. He is by far the most powerful boss in the game, able to do up to 2,500-3500 damage in one attack! And, also, at level 50, with a sheer total of 237,500 Health. "Foulberto was an ill-tempered Crewmember onboard El Patron's Ship. They say he led the mutiny against El Patron , and he and several of those loyal to him were nearly out with a large cache of weapons, mostly Throwing Knives. However, El Patron was not going to let them escape so easily. He sealed up the cave, and cursed Foulberto and his men to remain inside the cavern for eternity. Now, Foulberto haunts the cavern now known as the Cave of Lost Souls, luring in those who dare to venture too close to his cave and smashing their souls, turning them into ghosts. Thus, he was dubbed,

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"Foulberto Smasho". - Pirates Online Staff. He attacks with a dagger, so he is presumably a Devious Ghost Boss. He is DEFINITELY the hardest boss in-game, and will most likely stay that way for a long time. And he knows it too; He very commonly drops Famed Throwing Knives, and is a Buccaneer's best bet at getting the Legendary Silver Freeze, or simply a decent set of Famed Throwing Knives. You will need at bare minimum a full crew, and more to take down this mighty brute.

Although he has so much health, if you go to him at Abassa you will be able to kill him pretty quickly due to the fact some pirates will want to form groups, thus he will drop loot. Some say Abassa is the best server to kill him becuase of the number of people trying to take him down. However this may cause a problem in some cases, due to excessive game lag; resulting in disconnection. But usually in 1-10 minutes depending upon who is there, weapons used, levels, etc. you might be able to defeat him. As already mentioned, he drops very good loot.

"I got my Silver Freeze the first kill when I logged in about 5 minutes ago!" -PencilBoyWIki

Game Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Foulberto Smasho is the strongest boss in the game. He stands against even El Patron!
  • Foulberto's hat can be purchased in the Admiral set from the peddlers; Normally it's sold at April.
  • Foulberto Smasho has 237,500 health.
  • There is a glitch that lets you kill Foulberto Smasho alone without him attacking.
  • Only gives Throwing Knives, not Daggers!
  • Foulberto Smasho has the highest chance of giving Silver Freeze.
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