Dreaed Spike's information card.

The Dread Spike is a Famed Cursed Sabre. It can only be found on Raven's Cove or Isla Tormenta due to it being a cursed weapon. It has an attack power of a 74; it has a Cursed Thunder abiltity at rank 2. This is a great sabre to use because of its critical strike. You can boost your Cyclone Cut in your skills tab up to 6 because of the boost to it. &nbsp

Technical Info[edit | edit source]

Skills: Cursed Thunder: Rank 2, Critical Strike: Rank 2, Cyclone Cut Boost: +1

Level Required: Level 27 Sword

Cost: Sword cannot be purchased, must be looted on Raven's Cove or Isla Tormenta.

Name: Dread Spike

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