220px-Doom Stinger

The Doom Stinger is an extremely powerful Famed Cursed Sabre. Being the second strongest Famed Cursed Sabre in the game, Doom Stinger is the only Sabre to have the ability Cursed Fire, which makes it Very deadly. Like all Cursed Blades, the Doom Stinger has a black trail that follows it. It is the second most powerful Sabre, and, in terms of power, it is bested by naught but the legendary Emerald Curse. Although it is quite deadly, this blade seems to have been forged out of some kind of wood..

  • Attack: 78
  • Abilities:Cursed Fire Rank (3),Venom Strike: Rank (3),Parry Boost: (+3)
  • Cost: Can only be found in loot on Raven's Cove or Isla Tormenta
  • Resale Value: 328 Gold
    280px-DavyJones G
  • Level: 29 Sword

Looting Tips!Edit

Pencil Boy found his Doom Stinger at Isla Tormenta, Gold Room at around 1:30 A.M. Central Time on Lempona.