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Bright Clothing[edit | edit source]

Bright clothes are a Rare type of clothing that can be found when looting against high level enemies. They can really brighten up your inventory and style!

You can find a wide variety of colors from the boring-ish bright yellow to the very eye-popping bright green and red.

There are many different clothes that come in bright colors like sashes, caps, shirts, coats, and more!

NOTE - Dark Black Clothing is considered a "Bright" as well.

Where to Find Bright Clothing....[edit | edit source]

  • Loot Pouches: As a pirate when you see a loot pouch you probably think, "Ughhh! Why couldn't this have been a Skull Chest!". If you are a smart pirate you would open it and hope you find bright clothing. Just because of the loot type doesn't mean it determines the loot.
  • General Darkhart -'This [sort of] fierce boss'can give anything from a crude cutlass to a Lost Sword of El Patron to a bright piece of clothing.
  • Isla Tormenta: This is a great place for looting, one of our contributers got 2 brights in a row while looting there!
  • Anywhere Else!: Bright colored clothing can be found anywhere. Sorry to say, it is very hard to accuratly predict where these rare clothes will turn up. The best thing I can do for you is......

​Wish you good luck! :)[edit | edit source]

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