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Their are many bosses in the carribean, but here is an order of the hardest and what is good to loot from them.

1) Foulberto Smasho, Level 50Edit


Credit to POTCO Wiki

  • Good for throwing knives
  • Good for store bought knives which cost money that are good gold to sell
  • Good for Silver Freeze

2) El Patron, Level 40Edit

200px-El Patron

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  • Good for getting a famed cursed
  • Defeating him allows a pirate to loot cursed

3) Devil Root , Level 35-40Edit


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  • Good for famed with Sure Foot
  • Good for guns
  • Good for broadswords

4) Neban The Silent and Remington the vicious , Level 28-35Edit


Credit to POTCO Wiki


Credit to POTCO WIki

  • Both give El Patron commonly
  • Both give famed dolls commonly
  • Both give famed sabres
  • And other famed (mostly dolls and sabres)

5) Jacques le Blanc and Tomas Blanco, Level 35Edit

  • Tom

    Credit to POTCO WIki


    Credit to POTCO Wiki

    Both drop lots of gold
  • Both drop MANY lost swords
  • Both drop many other fameds
  • Both drop silver freeze often

General DarkheartEdit


Credit to POTCO Wiki

  • Many people finding lost swords at him
  • Lots of gold
  • Silver freeze
  • Grand blunder
  • Seven Seas Cutlass
  • Bloodfire Swords
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