The Blightfang Edge is an extremely powerful Famed Cursed Broadsword with a massive attack of 95. This extremely powerful blade surpasses even some of the Legendary weapons in terms of attack power. It has Cursed Fire on a powerful Rank 3, a devastating Rank Two Critical Strike ability, and a powerful Rank 3 Venom Strike allowing you to poison your enemies and leave a duration of Venom, doing more damage over time. It's a great blade for an experienced pirate seeking famed; This blade is wanted by many. The Blightfang Edge's design is the same as Trechary's End.
Blightfang Blade
  • Attack: 95
  • Abilities: Cursed Fire Rank (3), Critical Strike Rank (2), Parry Boost (2), Venom Strike (3)
  • Class: Famed Broadsword, Cursed
  • Level Required: Sword 30, Mastered
  • Resale Value: 400 Gold
  • Cost: Can only be found in loot on Raven's Cove or Isla Tormenta.
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Credit to POTCO Wiki