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The Behemoth Blade is an extremely powerful Legendary Cursed Broadsword. This mighty instrument of death can dispatch large groups of enemies with unhidden ease, with a massive attack of 101. This is the only Legendary Weapon with an ability found elsewhere on other blades (Treachery's End, The Dark mutineer, etc.), with a powerful Dark Curse skill on rank 3, and the only weapon other than the monkey cutlasses, repeaters, dolls, broadswords and blunderbusses with the Sure Footed skill, allowing the massacre-causing wielder of this weapon-of-mass-destruction to be nearly immune to Stumps' attacks, (Earthquake) and cannot be knocked down. It joins The Emerald Curse as the only

thumb|300px|right|This video is owned by Jfrproductions8. weapons with a boost of 4 or higher, with this having an extremely powerful boost +5 to the Endurance skill, resulting in a massive boost to the wielder's health. This makes it an extremely prized and sought-after weapon throughout the Caribbean. With its massive attack, it is inferior to naught but the mighty World Eater Blade itself, with which it is commonly confused due to their extreme similarities and likeness.

  • Attack: 101
  • Abilities: Dark Curse Rank 3, Sure Footed Rank 3, Endurance boost +5
  • Class: Legendary, Cursed Blade
  • Level Required: 28 Sword

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