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The Barracuda Blade is an extremely powerful Famed Cursed Blade. This monstrous blade surpasses even some of the Legendary weapons in terms of attack, making it one of the most vigorously searched for blades in the Caribbean. With a massive attack of 95, this blade is tied with the devouring Blightfang Edge as the best Famed weapon in the Caribbean. It has a unique boost to the Blade Storm (+2), and seems to be the only known weapon in the Caribbean with the unusual boost. It is also the only most powerful weapon in a group to have the Cursed Thunder Aility (also on a powerful Rank 3), and not Cursed Fire. It also has an extremely powerful Critical Strike Skill, allowing the wielder to, quite often, do double the damage. However, many disagree to the latter, giving the Barracuda Blade's Blade Storm Boost; Many

Credit to POTCO Wiki.

pirates love this blade.

  • Attack: 95
  • Skills: Cursed Thunder (3) Critical Strike (3) Blade Storm boost (+2)
  • Level: 30 Sword Mastered
  • Resale Value: 437 Gold
  • Cost: Can only be found in loot in Raven's Cove and Isla Tormenta.
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